We stand for unadulterated rock and metal music - without clicks, without filters, without players and without autotune. We are all about four guys who make music together on stage to infect everyone with our energy, dedication and joy in what we do.

Originally started as a school band in 2007, we have had an impressive journey since then. After our first EP and local gigs, things really took off in 2009 with a competition at the Southside Festival. Tours and support shows followed with big names like Emil Bulls, Pro Pain, Biohazard and Hämatom, to name just a few. We are known for playing every stage that comes our way and for uncompromisingly pushing the band forward. Since our debut album “Raise our Flag” In 2011 we released four more longplayers and played more than 550 concerts at festivals, support tours and our own headlining tours.

Only the Corona pandemic could stop our hunger for concerts. However, we did not let ourselves be discouraged and used this time to devote ourselves to songwriting, which may have been neglected before due to our high live presence. We presented the result of this creative phase in October 2021: "Like the Sea – constantly moving, constantly drowning” – our most mature, versatile and grown-up album. As soon as the pandemic allowed, we started our most successful tour to date with the new album. In parallel, work on the next album is almost finished and we plan to release it in October 2024.

We – that’s Basti, Matze Julius and Simon – are looking forward to what’s to come and invite everyone to be a part of Stepfather Fred!





“In 2007 I co-founded Stepfather Fred – a good decision, I still think today – who knows what I would have done with that time otherwise. There were many ups and some downs – but considering that the band is like a second family, I couldn't have made a better choice.

Having grown up in a small village, never really taking flute or accordion lessons and not even having a moderately satisfactory school career, I am now happy to be able to live out my passion - music.

Since I often enjoy peace and quiet, I don't listen to much music in my private life. When I do listen to music, it's usually emotional stories like Manchester Orchestra or Nothing But Thieves, alongside Linkin Park and In Flames.

Even if most people don't believe it, I take a very quiet side in the band, not only personally. Without me there would probably be fewer ballads or at least fewer soulful, emotional and quiet songs like "Unconditional Love" or My Way to You. Without the influence of my colleagues, we would have had fewer “in your face” numbers like “If she falls“, which I have learned to appreciate and especially enjoy live!”




“I have been passionate about the world of music since I was 8 years old. I started my musical journey as a guitarist, but since my time with Stepfather I have developed my passion for bass playing.

My musical influence as a child of the 90s is extremely diverse. I am strongly influenced by the sounds that my parents introduced me to - from old school classics like Yes, Led Zeppelin, Cream to Pink Floyd. But modern genres like metal and hardcore to 90s sounds like DJ Bobo and the Spice Girls have also found their place in my repertoire. For me, the quality of a song is much more important than the genre it belongs to. This attitude is also reflected in the songwriting process with Stepfather Fred - we work without blinkers and without being limited by genre boundaries.

In my opinion, we have this creative openness best in the album “Like the Sea” Here we managed to present the entire range of Stepfather Fred. “




“I joined Stepfather as a 19-year-old boy. The other guys are on average 7 years older than me, it wasn't always easy with the stubborn Allgäu guys, but I have never regretted my decision.

Honesty and uncompromising attitudes play a big role in our songwriting. Unpretentious music, fundamentally democratic songwriting and no genre-specific thinking. That may not guarantee quick success, but it does ensure that even when I'm 60 I'll still be able to look at my record shelf and enjoy the hopefully numerous Stepfather LPs by then, regardless of whether we've achieved the "big breakthrough" by then or not.

For me, a band is more than a business, more than a friendship, something between family and a relationship, a very special interpersonal connection. I make my living entirely from music, teach drums and piano and play in a cover band alongside Stepfather, have studio jobs now and then or am a substitute drummer in various projects. But the Freds always have priority - I don't care if a well-paid job comes in between.

My personal taste in music is very varied due to my job. My heart beats just as much for emo and hardcore (Brand New, Defeater, Terror, Death Cab for Cutie, Boysetsfire, Touché Amoré) as it does for metal (In Flames, Lamb of God, Architects). I also play a lot of singer-songwriter (Iron & Wine, Elliott Smith) and electronic music (Swedish House Mafia, SCOOTER!!!). But my great love, Deftones, has been with me the longest.”




In 2020, I received a call from Basti inviting me to an audition. After I initially declined, he asked me to come and possibly play as a substitute. In retrospect, I am grateful for his persistence, because as soon as I was in the rehearsal room with Matze, Julius and Basti, it just felt great!

I became part of a band that is not very common these days. There is no clear hierarchy with a mastermind and the craftsmen, but rather four individuals who make and write music together. Apart from that, a long-held dream of mine has come true: the opportunity to live out my love of music on this scale, to travel and play concerts.

In the world of music, I am particularly drawn to harder sounds, which are usually characterized by intense guitars. Bands like Rage, Testament, Annihilator, etc. are in my collection. I am really looking forward to the new album, where I can get involved in the songwriting for the first time.


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